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Keith Piper film/videography

The Trophies of Empire1985Mixed-media installation with tape slide
The Spirit Will Not Descend Without Song1986Multi-media installation with multi-channel soundtrack
Adventures Close to Home1987Multi-projector tape slide installation
Another Empire State1987Multi-screen video installation
Chanting Heads1988sculpture
Anti-Apartheid Video1988
The Nations Finest1990
Insiders/Outsiders1990Multi-projector tape slide installation
A Ship Called Jesus1991
Step into the Arena1991computer animations, drawings and mixed media.
Another Step into the Arena 1992
Tagging the Other1992Installation with four video monitors, four computer animations and mixed media.
Trade Winds1992
The Ghosts of Christendom1992Mixed media installation
Cargo Cultures1992installation using computer animation
Mapping the Face1992installation using computer animation
Exotic Signs (aka Exotic Lights)1993
Transgressive Acts1993
Terrible Spaces1994
The Unmapped Body1994/5Multi-monitor video installation
Four Corners, A Contest of Opposites1995
Reckless Eyeballing1995
Critical Decade Cd-1-Cd1995CD Rom
The Fictions of Science1996
Go West Young Man1996
Relocating the Remains1997/99
The Exploded City1998
Four Frontiers1998
Message Carrier1998
Robot Bodies1998
Club Mix1999Digital multimedia presentation
A Fictional Tourist in Europe2001
Robot Bodies (The Mechanoid's Bloodline)2001Interactive Artwork and Installation
Crusade2004Video Installation
Synthetic Geographies 2004Mixed media installation
Sounding Gallery2004Installation
Sounding Gallery II2005Audio visual installation
Head Hunter (After Broca)2005Installation
Lost Vitrines2007Installation
The Abolitionists Parlour2007Three screen video installation
The Perfect City2007Two Screen Video Installation

Installation view for Another Empire State, 1987

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