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Woman in Landscape; Technology of War

Katharine Meynell

Woman in Landscape; Technology of War

A multimedia work using 2 sound sources, 3 video sources and lightbox transparencies: sited in three wooden crates each with two faces.

BOX 1:
Elements, air (sky), water (sea), earth (landscape) and electricity (fire).

BOX 2:
A woman signs with semaphore flags, and (on headphones) a man reaches orgasm. This box is the interface between the external world of landscape and communications and the internal work of the body and physical reality, symbolic and dysfunctional.

BOX 3:
'The box of the body. A woman's breast with a masectomy scar and a child's mouth blowing bubble gum. The woman's breasts and the girl's mouth, no longer sustain or are in need of sustenance, for this purpose they take significance beyond their biological function.' - KM

Installation using 2 Monitors, LCD Screen, light Box.

Made for Quicksilver Gallery as part of Stains with Jim Mooney
Performed by K.M, Penny Bernand, Hannah K. Morgan

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