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Jayne Parker
"In my work I try to see and understand what the body can do… Inanimate objects can also be the body."

"I like the physicality of film and its precision; I like the sense of space within the frame… Filmmaking allows me to make connections between seemingly unconnected images or events. There is a strong element of performance in all my work."

Jayne Parker discovered film as a medium when she was a sculpture student at Canterbury College of Art (1977-80). Objects, performance and gesture were combined by the camera to explore space, duration and the physical body. Soon the films became independent works. Free Show (1979) is 'a film in three acts' in which domestic events have overtones of threat as well as the circus (cutting liver, ironing a fly, plucking eyebrows). In RX Recipe (1980), a large eel in a bath is stuffed with vegetables and bandaged by a woman who then similarly binds her own leg, to whispered instructions on the soundtrack. I Cat (1980) was the first of a series of roughcast but sharply drawn animations featuring a woman, a cat and a fish.

Still from Free Show by Jayne Parker, 1979
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