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Ian Bourn

..I wonder what they see in me? I wonder what they see in my face?

Ian Bourn

Biographical details:

Born in London 1953. Studied at Ealing School of Art, 1972-75; Royal College of Art, London, 1976-79.

Screenings include Bracknell Video Festival; Hayward Gallery, London; The Kitchen, New York; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; National Film Theatre, London; Image Forum, Tokyo.

Video Fellowship (awarded by Arts Council of Great Britain and Sheffield City Polytechnic), 1982-83.

Co-instigator with Chris White of HOUSEWATCH (est. 1985): a group of mixed-media artists who collaborate, individually or collectively, to produce environmental site-specific performance events - initial project 'Cinematic Architecture for the Pedestrian'.

Film & Video Clips

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