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Gill Eatherley
Sicherheits is a large scale, aggressive and scary installation..

Eatherley's title derives from the words printed on the sprocket edges of the found-footage film fragment used as the basis of the installation. 'Sicherheit', German for safety, indicates non-inflamable film stock. However in Eatherley's installation the title takes on an ironic quality as the image is of bombs being tested in a wind tunnel. Presumably the found material originally came from some German, World War 2, bomb factory test footage. In the installation two of the strips have been mounted as slides, shown extremely large scale in four columns interspersed by two columns of moving film image of the same material. The moving image, projected from loops, shows the bombs swaying gently expressing their relative instability against the wind-tunnel effect. All the images show a background of calibration - the underlying scientific logic of instruments of death. The electronic soundtrack reinforces this threatening image by a persistent, aggressive and uncomfortable drone.

Eatherley's first period of film making covered just a very short period between 1971 and 1974. In that time, as well as the performances, multi-projections, installations and longer works like Deck, she also made a series of poetic but reflexive films, sometimes, like Doubles Round, projecting on more than one screen. The series entitled Light Occupations includes a number of works that focus on the relationship of the filmmaker to her environment through devices like Eatherley's hand pointing out the horizon. Though more poetic than didactic, these works continue a philosophical encounter between filmmaker, film and audience but hint again at an autobiographical content. The person behind the camera is seen only through a hand or foot - Eatherley intentionally hides herself from the spectator.

Installation of Sicherheits by Gill Eatherley, 1973
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