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Gill Eatherley
Chair Installation, also first shown at about the same time, involved an arrangement of plain wooden chairs painted white and placed in a gallery space.

This installation was variously lit by spotlights or a strobe light and takes forward Eatherley's combined formal and symbolic interest in the chair. Simple objects, but particularly chairs, have had a consistent place in Eatherly's iconography - they are a feature in Pan Film, Deck and Chair Film. They have an archetypal quality in the scale and fit with the human body that has also intrigued artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, and in the formative theatrical representation of absence in Eugene Ionesco's The Chairs. In philosophical debate the chair or table - and in 1974 Eatherley also made Table Film - often comes to represent the minimal object. In retrospect they have this 'philosophical' object quality in Eatherley's work. But the sparseness of the wooden chair also seems to symbolise a minimalism in lifestyle, a lack of comfort and a lack of possession, a restless travelling and uprooting that has been a frequent feature of her life.

Documentation of Chair Installation by Gill Eatherley, 1973
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