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Gill Eatherley
Aperture Sweep is a playful work that also reflects on the interplay of the real, the shadow and the cinematic representation.

The initial image involves a white screen sometimes projected at an angle. After a short while Eatherley goes to the screen with a broom wired up with a microphone linked to an amplifier. She sweeps the screen paying particular attention to edges and any dust that is forming in the films frame. The impossibility of cleaning the image by sweeping the screen - a kind of visual joke - is the first reflection in the work on the conflict between actuality, image and illusion. After a while, a new feature enters the play - film of a previous 'sweeping of the screen' concentrating on film of the shadow cast rather than the performer. Eatherley the live performer then enters a movement dialogue with her previous shadow. The shadow is distorted through lighting at an extreme angle - a continuity with anthropomorphic distortion that fascinated artists as early as Leonardo or Holbein and was a significant feature of many of the optical toys in cinema's prehistory. Aperture Sweep reconstructs and re-presents fundamental aspects of the lure of cinema - the shadow taken as real, the object and its illusion - but makes these problematic for us through the 'light' touch of a humorous work.

Installation shot of Hand Grenade by Gill Eatherley, 1971
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