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Gill Eatherley
During this period Eatherley increasingly became part of the Expanded Cinema movement that began to make an impact in the UK.

Throughout the 1970's this movement included a number of artists associated with the LFMC, for example Mike Dunford, Lis Rhodes and Sally Potter. However, as a result of an invitation to produce work for an exhibition 'A Survey of the Avant-Garde in Britain' at Gallery House in October 1972, an informal grouping of four artists - Gill Eatherley, William Raban, Annabel Nicolson, and myself - began to show together, helping on each others projects developing multi-projection, installation and performance works that focused mainly on the gallery rather than cinema context. Though never formalised and without any manifesto this group became identified as 'Filmaktion', actually the title collectively chosen for an exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool that included work by a much larger group.

As a result of a number of opportunities to make and present work in gallery spaces, as well as her multi-projection films, Eatherley made a performance work, Aperture Sweep and two major installations, Chair Installation and Sicherheits.

Documentation of Chair Installation by Gill Eatherley, 1973
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