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Gill Eatherley
At the same time Eatherley was working on a longer film, Deck, again exploring the medium and the structure of film process.

It began as a short sequence of a woman sitting in a deck chair on a liner as Eatherley travelled from Sweden to Finland en-route for Russia - still then a visit to the Soviet Union carried with it the tension and uncertainties of the cold war. The footage was shot on standard 8mm - then transformed by re-filming and re-filming again from the projection screen in 16mm. The film incorporates the repetition of the initial image but also establishes a screen within a screen, a device that became a major feature of reflexive work by Eatherley and others at that time.

Her next two works, Pan Film and Hand Grenade, explore the possibilities of multi-projection, each conceived for three screen presentation.

Still from Deck by Gill Eatherley, 1971
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