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TV Interruptions 93: withouTV

David Hall
1 min (Compilation total 5.5 mins) Colour video

TV Interruptions 93: withouTV

Five works commissioned by MTV Networks were transmitted unannounced, internationally, and repeatedly throughout 1994 between scheduled programmes.

In this fourth piece a zoom out of an empty TV set frames empty framed images from past zooms.. in a desolate landscape beyond..

'Conceived in the spirit of his 1971 pieces, TV Interruptions 93 were shot or post-produced using advanced colour video technology, electronic effects and a refinement gained over Hall's 25 years work in time-based media. Taken together, they constitute a potted summary of Hall's preoccupations in video and television, and perhaps of the progression of video art as a 'genre'...'
Mick Hartney, InT/Ventions.., Diverse Practices: A Critical Reader on British Video Art, 1996.

Produced by Annalogue for MTV.

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