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TV Interruptions 93: reacTV

David Hall
1 min (Compilation total 5.5 mins) Colour video

TV Interruptions 93: reacTV

Five works commissioned by MTV Networks were transmitted unannounced, internationally, and repeatedly throughout 1994 between scheduled programmes.

In reacTV there is abjection, rats.... and vacating doves.

'Conceived in the spirit of his 1971 pieces, TV Interruptions 93 were shot or post-produced using advanced colour video technology, electronic effects and a refinement gained over Hall's 25 years work in time-based media. Taken together, they constitute a potted summary of Hall's preoccupations in video and television, and perhaps of the progression of video art as a 'genre'...'
Mick Hartney, InT/Ventions.., Diverse Practices: A Critical Reader on British Video Art, 1996.

Produced by Annalogue for MTV.

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