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David Hall
45 mins Colour 16mm


Shot over two years, land and skyscapes and other natural phenomena from across Europe are juxtaposed with NASA footage post the first moon landing and '..assembled rather like a precision instrument... Timecheck is a suite of sounds and images designed to expose the paradoxes in filmic perception of time and space.'BFI Collection Catalogue

'Some of the images in Timecheck are of great romantic beauty and sombreness. Speeded up clouds boiling over a stormy landscape, a shadow moving inexorably across a piece of cracked concrete, a red sun plunging into the horizon like a falling star. But these images are balanced by structural devices which keep reminding one that this is film, and of the processes that making a film involve, that "the truth at 24 frames per second" is something that can be inexhaustibly manipulated.'
Paul Overy, 'The Sculptor as Filmmaker', The Times, May 14, 1974.

'..the film is immaculately paced ..[with] rhythmic subtlety ..moments of structural poetry, [and] is a metaphysical one...'
Michael O'Pray, Variant magazine, Spring 1992.

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