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This is a Video Monitor

David Hall
14 mins B & W Video

This is a Video Monitor

'This is a Video Monitor is an attempt to construct a wholly 'videological' experience, and is built on an initial take of a woman describing the paradox of real and imagined functions of the monitor on which her image appears...

Sound synchronisation wavers as she mimes to her pre-recorded voice - an analogy to part of her description. The camera cuts at the end of the first take and a no-signal 'snow-field' appears. The take is then regenerated optically off a monitor screen, a third off that and so on. Vision and sound progressively change, at each stage distorting the expected characteristics, displacing the imagined for the real - configurations of variable light intensity at the surface of the screen; each time indentifying and reidentifying the implications of her recurring statement.' DH, 1973.

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