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Phased Time2

David Hall
16 mins Colour 16mm

Phased TimeĀ²

'Constructed on a pre-determined progressively self-defining procedure, Phased Time2 consists of six sections, each a 100 ft roll...

This systematic work comprises equal time spans of lens-matting, panning, rewinding and reshooting constructed as a 'phased' score. All sections are executed in-camera. Effectively, the camera is revolving in a 'static pan' around a room throughout: Each section is subdivided according to logical cyclic procedures. Each section is a fixed position shot. In each the camera is 'pre-panned' half a frame's width to the right and is partially layered over its predecessor consequently phasing the half-frame moves. The sound, produced on an electric organ, phases and eventually superimposes synchronously with the picture....

Ultimately, 'layered' linear time is progressively superimposed in a synthesis of all preceding parts'. DH, 1974.

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