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Sentimental Journey

Anne Rees-Mogg
30 mins B & W/Colour Sound 16 mm

Sentimental Journey

The first part of the film is in colour and consists of arguments about how to make films and what film to make.

The film then changes to black and white and the argument continues about houses and planning, with shots of the destruction of a house, and shots from other films of the houses it used to be. The arguments are not conclusive and the film is about doubts rather than certainties. AR-M

My intention throughout the film is one of self-questioning irony. It becomes apparent that both voices are voicing an internal debate and that neither side is going to be able to produce a definitive statement. I have tried to make each part fairly self-sufficient, but with a thread through to the next. The filmic dictionary of the first part is an attempt to be as helpful as an instruction manual - and the black and white shots to evoke memories and regrets, but not to imply too heavy a moral judgement on the mistakes of planners. AR-M

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