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Annabel Nicolson screenings & exhibitions

1970-79: Edinburgh Festival; Tate Gallery; London Film Makers' Co-op; British Council; National Film Theatre, London; Scottish Arts Council, Edinburgh; ICA London; Camden Festival, Londen; Third Eye Centre, Glasgow; Hayward Gallery, London; Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

1972 USA. Museum of Modern Art, New York. Anthology Film Archives, New York. Buffalo, New York.
1972 Canada. National gallery, Toronto. Kingston (Ontario); Vancouver.
1973 Holland. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Utrecht and Groningen.
1976 Denmark. Kopenhagen, Arhus, Odense museums.

Film exhibitions:
1976 Milan. Arte Inglese oggi, British Council show.
1977 Hayward Gallery, London. Perspectives on Avant Garde Film.
1979 Hayward Gallery, London. Film as Film exhibition committee work.
1980 Milan. Camere Incantate, British Council show.

1976 Festival of Expanded Cinema, ICA, London 1979 Women's International Film Festival, Italy. L'Occhio Negato.
1989 Festival of Independent Cinema, Riga, Latvia.
1990 Survey of Avant Garde film, Amsterdam, Holland.
1990 Women's Film Festival, Glasgow.

Film Retrospectives:
1988 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Two retrospective programmes of own work (single screen films and live projection events).
1988 Museum of Moving Image, London. Permanent documentation/installation of live projection event Reel Time (1973) set in historical context.
1992 London Film Festival at London Film Makers' Co-op. Retrospective of expanded cinema events from 1970's.
1993 London Film Makers' Co-op. One person retrospective of single screen and expanded cinema events.
1992/3 Work included in 25 year retrospective celebration of independent film. East Germany: Magdenburg, Rostock, Pottsdam, Halle, Tachles. West Germany: Arsenalkino in West Berlin.
2000 D Net, LUX (Hoxton Square), London Anju (programme of early Film Co-op work).
2000 Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. 'Live in Your Head'. Concept and Experiment in Britain 1965-75. Show of own live projection work from early 70's as part of Expanded Cinema programme.
2002-present 'Shoot Shoot Shoot', British Avant-Garde Film 1966-1976. Tate Gallery and international tour (Europe, America, Australia). Slides, Shapes and To the Dairy.
2002 Photographer's Gallery, London. 8mm screening of early experimental film. Mill Film included.
2002 'On General Release' Artists and Film in Britain 1968-72. Norwich Gallery, Norwich School of Art John Hansard Gallery, Southampton University George Rodger Gallery, Kent Institute of Art and Design Slides (shown on DVD).
2003 Tate Gallery. 'A Century of Artists' Films in Britain'. History of Moving Image Work by British Artists. Collections Display (in Gallery 40) Shapes and Frames.
2004 Lumiere Cinema, London. 'Experiments in moving image.'
2004 MUMOK, Vienna. 'X Screen.'

Performance Work:
1975 Sweeping the Sea, Southampton Festival of Performance Art
1977 Tuning Up, piano performance, Fitzroy Rd Studios, London
1977 Performance with Dark Edges, Fitzroy Rd Studios, London
1978 Performing with Lis Rhodes & Lucy Whitman, Acme Gallery, London
1978 Soundings with Steve Cripps & Jane Clark, Acme Gallery, London
1978 Circadian Rhythm, 24 hour performance, Festival of Musics/Context - with Evan Parker, Paul Burwell, Max Eastley, David Toop, Hugh Davies, Paul Lytton, Paul Lovens (recorded live). Musicians' Collective, London.
1978 Women and Creativity introductory presentation of series of tape recordings of women artists talking about their life and work to Annabel Nicolson. Hayward Annual, London.
1979 I'll start with My Voice, Slade School of Art, London
1979 Performance Interrupted by Aeroplane Sounds, Byam Shaw School of Art, London
1979 Performance in Small Boat with Lantern, Cotes Mill Pond, Leicestershire
1979 Fireflies, Southampton University
1979 Hidden Sounds, London Musicians' Collective
1980 In the Mountains, with Judy Child & Sarah Green, Butlers' Wharf, X6
1980 Movements, Hobson Gallery, Cambridge
1980 Sleeping Beauty, British Council Show, Milan, Italy
1980 Cries, Festival of Woman's Work in Performance, Midland Group Gallery
1982 In the Dream, A Quiet Place, London
1982 In the Dream (stage version), Women Live Festival, Oval House, London
1982 One Woman Was Singing, I remember, recorded for Channel 4 Television documentary on women's work in film/performance.
1982 Herding Calls, London Musicians' Collective
1983 I Searched (Lullaby), First Festival of Performance Art, South Hill Park, Bracknell

1969 Paintings Edinburgh Festival
1970 Paintings Institute for Research in Art and Technology
1976 'Arte Inglese Oggi' British Council Show, Milan, Italy
1978 'Escaping Notice' Public Council Show, Palazzo Reale, Milan.
1980 'Camere Incantate' British Council Show, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy
1980 'A Room of One's Own' South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell. (collaborative show of women's work with related performances)
1981 'Concerning Ourselves' fellowship exhibition, Norwich School of Art (artist in residence)
1982 'Tents', A Quiet Place, London (drawings in cloth and related performances)
1982 'Reflections', Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (drawings and written work with related performances)
1983 'Women's Work in Fibres and Textiles', Battersea Arts Centre, London
1986 'Works in Cloth', Cairn Gallery, Nailsworth, Glos. (retrospective of own work in cloth, paper, bark)
1988 'Of the Cloth', Chelsea School of Art Gallery, London (works in cloth, paper, fibres)
1988 'Large Drawing' installed at Canterbury University (long term loan with inaugural lecture presentation)
1990 European City of Culture staff/student Exhibition, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
1989/92 'Woven Structures', London College of Furniture
1994 Papermaking Exhibition. Intaglio Gallery, London
1994 'The Nowness of Everything', Women/Photography Exhibition. Minories Gallery, Colchester, Essex

Film and Video Projects:
1970-92 Actively involved in the development of the London Film Makers' Co-op.
1974 Cinema programmer at London Film Makers' Co-op. (Programming, publicity, research, film writing etc.)
1976-77 Cinema programmer at London Film Makers' Co-op. (Post funded by British Film Institute and GLC.)
1979 Exhibition committee for 'Film as Film' at Hayward Gallery, London. Planning and co-ordinating major presentation on the history of experimental film from 1910-75. Extensive research was undertaken into the contribution by women film makers to this area and the consequent need to reassess historical perspectives on independent films.
1980 Founder member of Circles - Women's Film in Distribution. Set up by women film makers to promote distribution of historical and contemporary films and to encourage the continuing development of women's film practice.
1982-83 Channel 4 documentary 'Seeing for Ourselves' (co-produced with Arts Council) looking at the work of four women film makers - Annabel Nicolson, Lis Rhodes, Jo Davis and Tina Keane - and the role of Circles in providing a historical and contemporary context for women in film.
1985-86 Founder member of Falmouth Film and Video Workshop in Cornwall. Set up to promote independent film making activities, sceenings and community based projects (funded by S.W.Arts).
1991-92 Executive committee member of London Film Makers' Co-op. This has included working with architect to design a new cinema and workshops for the Film Co-op.
1992-93 Cinema programmer for 'The Seventh Art' season on the history of experimental film (with L.H.).

1972 Arts Council bursary for film making
1973 Arts Council bursary for film making
1976 Arts Council grant for series of five performances 1978 Arts Council grant for making book 'Escaping Notice' 1980-81 John Brinkley Fellowship. Norwich School of Art. 1 year post as artist in residence.
1993 Worshipful Company of Basketmakers' bursary.

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