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Fragments for Eye Drift

Anna Thew
10 mins Colour 16mm
double screen

Fragments for Eye Drift

Residues of post trauma - places and journeys flicker past like tattered pockets of memory...

"In camera rhythms and hand-held movement act like an inscription. Places and journeys flicker past like tattered pockets of memory, like shimmering residues, whilst friends from now paint another picture, anchoring the film's (and life's) present."

A cut up of fragments from Super 8 diaries spanning over fifteen years. Opening with waves shot from the window of a moving train, an image of my daughter holding rowan berries is set against grainy black and white, back lit images of barges in Rotterdam, slowed to 2fps. Blood red poppies shift to ruins of Dresden's Frauenkirche and whirlpools in the River Elbe. Crown v. Casson. Charred bodies are strewn on the ground. Night shots of the 1945 bombing of Dresden and FEUERSTURM ÜBER HAMBURG, (Hamburg Fires) cut in. Station latticework. Flooded fields. The train leaves Dresden in the evening light. Icy winter branches are silhouetted against the sky like paint strokes. The trial of the woman who attacked me is looming. Away from this collective memory and fear, black and white images from my first Super 8 reel, jostle with colour images from the present. A child runs past the old apple tree in my mother's garden in winter. Summer fruit ripens on an Italian hillside. Darryn sleeps. He has diagnosed HIV+. Dark streets of Perugia. He has his problems. The train to Siracusa the year after Mum died. I have mine. Music by Simon Fisher Turner. World War II archive footage, courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London. 7272 print stock donated by Kodak.

The Super 8 diaries and 35mm IWM archive film were optically re-mastered onto 16mm fine grain internegative for an experimental feature film, EYE DRIFT, which never got made through lack of funds.

UK/Italy/Germany, OPTICAL from super 8.

Video installation with broken glass and plums, Al Saqi Books, London, 2001. DVD double screen commissioned for Long Live Romance part 2, at Galleria Pack, as part of S T A R T, Milan, 2005.

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