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Anna Thew bibliography


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Articles/Reviews By Anna Thew

  • 'By Way Of An Elegy On Sandra Lahire's Uranium Films', Film Waves Magazine 2002
  • 'Space For Thought On Maziere's 'Black Out'' Triptych Catalogue.
  • 'Film's Lasivious Surface' Film Waves Issue 14 Spring 2001
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  • 'Technologies Imaginaire' - On Steve Farrer's Machine - Catalogue. Paris, 1990
  • 'Against The Steady Stare' On Steve Farrer's Machine Momi Oxford Catalogue. 1988
  • 'Against The Steady Stare' Programme Diorama 1988
  • 'The Last Sweat Of Youth' On David Medalla At The Diorama, Performance Magazine Nov/Feb No. 44/45 1986
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